Chicago, IL USA  - October 14-17th  - South Building – Booth S-1548

Bonfiglioli Engineering, the worldwide leader in Quality Control Solutions, will showcase its latest product developments at Packexpo International, the most critical, innovative packaging-related show in the marketplace and the largest packaging event in North America in 2018.
With more than 2,500 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees, Pack Expo Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018 will be the perfect platform for Bonfiglioli Engineering to demonstrate its range of packaging leak detection and inspection solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Metal Can & Aerosol, and Plastic markets.

The main highlights of the BE booth will be the LaserCube and LF-S11, two tabletop devices designed for quality control of pharmaceutical containers:
The LF-S11 is a non-destructive, single-head leak testing machine suitable for laboratory applications, statistical purposes and off-line testing of pre-filled syringes, pouches, PFS nests, Monobloc, IV Bags, flow-wrapped devices, form fill seal and bow fill seal containers, carpules, bottles, ampoules and liquid form sachets.

The LaserCube is the latest innovation in Headspace Gas Analysis technology for sterile pharmaceutical containers. It is a non-destructive inspection method for testing the headspace within the container for the concentration of specific gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide or nitrogen. It also monitors moisture levels within a pack. With high levels of accuracy and stability, even in a limited headspace, the LaserCube is designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The unit also boasts a lightweight and compact design that is easy to use and set up via integrated PC and any wireless touchscreen tablet as the user interface.

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