In-line Leak Testing Machine for Empty Tubes

Leak Testing Machine performs the Testing process on the Containers in continuous operation (both manually or automatically) by means of Testing Chambers installed on to a rotating Central Carousel. Testing Chamber perform Leak Test according Pressure Decay Methods.

Provided by RLD-250 <p>In-line Leak Testing Machine for Empty Tubes</p>
, Provided by Bonfiglioli Engineering

Technical Specifications

Tested Container Tubes.
Container Filling Empty.
Container Content
Machine Type Rotative Leak Tester
Testing Methods Pressure Decay.
Max speed 200
Min Container Dimension 13 x 13 x 50 (LxWxH)
Max Container Dimension 50 x 50 x 230 (LxWxH)
Testing Heads Number from 16 to 16
Technical data may be changed without notice

  • Easy management.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Maintenance only on parts subject to wear.
  • Noise levels well within allowed limits.
  • Reliability guaranteed above 99 %.
  • Alarm display.