LF-BURST E Leak Tester

Metal Cans & Aerosols

Off-line destructive burst Integrity Inspection System for empty aerosol cans.




  • No Programming required to set up
  • No Training Required
  • Easy Installation, set up and operation
  • High Degree of Repeatability
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Cost
  • Specially designed testing gripper
  • Dual station cylinder to reach high pressure (up to 25 bar)

Technical Features

  • Container Application: Aerosol cans
  • Products: Empty
  • Container Dimensions: From 45 x 45 x 70mm (min) to 65 x 65 x 320mm (max)
  • Speed: up to 4 Cpm
  • Technology: “Collapsing and explosion pressure test”

Additional Benefits

  • Low investment cost
  • RS-232 port to download all the checking data or to be connected with a local printer
  • Electronic operation and control
  • Water collection tank with submerged pump for refilling aerosol can
  • High-pressure water cylinder
  • Safety Chamber
  • Real time HMI
  • Statistica raw data


  • The aerosol can is manually loaded into the chamber and held by a special gripper designed for any diameter. The pressure inside the can may reach up to 30 bar by compressing water using a special designed piston using standard shop floor compressed air of 6 bar. Once started the pressure builds up inside the can. The result is illustrated on screen by displaying the testing cycle of pressure vs time.
  • The can will be pressurized to the set pressure and maintained for the set time, at the end of the cycle
    • if the pressure remains within the offset the can is passed as good
    • the pressurization continues recording the deformation point and the explosion point
    • the can will be pressurized until the explosion, recording the deformation point and the explosion point
  • Once the aerosol can bursts the water drops back into the reservoir and it will be used for the next test cycle. A submerged pump fills the can with the recycled water for the next test.

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