RLD-230/R/RS Leak Tester

Chemicals & Personal Care

100% In-line Machine for Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Integrity Inspection at high production speed for empty containers (such as cans, pails, drums, bottles).

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Jerry Cans



  • 3 configurations:
  • RLD-230 BASIC
  • RLD-230R (with Volume Reducers)
  • RLD-230RS (with Volume Reducers & SCADA System)
  • Full integration in Industry 4.0 Environment

Technical Features

  • Container Application: Jerry Cans, Bottles
  • Container Dimensions: From diameter 25 to 350 mm
  • Speed: From 60 to 1200 cpm
  • Technology: Pressure Decay Method
  • Inspection Features: Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive CCIT based on Pressure Decay Method
  • Inspection Capabilities: Microleaks detection

Additional Benefits

  • Statistical Process Control reduces deviations for a better yield control
  • Automatic speed adjustment according to signals coming from line downstream & upstream
  • Automatic confirmation of proper functioning and behavior of each testing chamber (Autotest)
  • Increase of test sensitivity in large volume & opening containers with volume reducers
  • Quick format change: automatic height adjustment
  • Magnetic star with relevant sensor checks the effective & precise can reject


  • Container Closure Integrity Testing is a non-destructive measurement technology based on Pressure Decay Method.
    Measurement system comprises applying a pressure differential into an airtight testing group enclosing the container.
    The test objective is to detect container leakages by measuring the reached pressure level as well as the pressure change over test time.
    In case of large buffer volume a Thoroidal Pneumatic Distributor provides the stabilization of each container pressurization phase.

Quality Assurance

  • Equipment test method refers to:
    • Approved industry standard “ASTM F2338-09”: “Standard Test Method for Non-Destructive Detection of Leaks in Packages”
    • No unhooking: star wheels safety clutch
    • Full batch control testing: fast, reliable and repeatable

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