VLD Leak Tester

Metal Cans & Aerosols

100% In-line Machine for Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive Integrity Inspection at high production speed for empty containers (such as Pails, Composite Cans, 3 Pieces Cans, 2 Pieces Cans, Metal Canning).

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Composite Can

2 Pieces Cans



  • Zero alteration of container features
  • High machine adaptability & stability
  • Easy management
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low & Ease of maintenance: free access to all moving parts
  • Industry 4.0 Environment compliant

Technical Features

  • Container Application: Pails, Composite Cans, 2 & 3 Pieces Cans, Metal Canning
  • Container Dimensions: From Ø52 x 34 mm (h) to 158 x 300 mm (h)
  • Speed: Up to 1200 cpm
  • Technology: Vacuum Decay Method
  • Inspection Features: Non-Invasive, Non-Destructive CCIT based on Vacuum Decay Method
  • Inspection Capabilities: Microleaks detection

Additional Benefits

  • Low investment cost
  • Reliability guaranteed above 99%
  • Enhanced easy-to-use HMI integrated functions
  • Quick format change
  • HMI real time display of statistics and raw data
  • Noise levels well within allowed limits


  • Container Closure Integrity Testing is a non-destructive measurement technology based on Vacuum Decay Method performed while the package itself is held within an hermetically sealed test chamber.
  • Vacuum Decay test measures the loss of vacuum inside the testing chamber as a result of headspace gas leakage from the package.
  • The monitoring of the vacuum level allows to identify microleaks and rejecting the faulty container.
  • The leak testing machine measurement system is designed to identify the presence of leaks on containers due to:
    • (micro) holes.
    • Inappropriate sealing.
    • Cracks.

Quality Assurance

  • Equipment test method refers to:
    • Approved industry standard “ASTM F2338-09”: “Standard Test Method for Non-Destructive Detection of Leaks in Packages”

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